Our Activities and Events

We provide easily accessible educational, social, and cultural services. Next to being a home to Turkish-Americans, the Foundation addresses their social and cultural needs and helps them integrate into this multicultural society better.

Educational Events & Classes

The Foundation seeks to contribute to an increasingly rich and multicultural American education for its community members in a broad variety of ways. The Foundation intends to provide expansive educational programming in the future, but intends to support education in the community in the following ways:

Cultural & Social Events

The Foundation seeks to offer cultural services in a wide variety of opportunities to both its community and the general public. Some of the opportunities include:

Charitable Efforts

The Foundation also helps those in need, and hopes to assist with all forms of aid within our means: people such as the homeless, destitute, widowers, patients, orphans, veterans, and those affected by catastrophes such as earthquakes, floods, fires, etc. These efforts aim to develop and strengthen social responsibility, solidarity, aid and consciousness and contribute toimprovement of the socioeconomic level of society. The Foundation hopes to run projects incollaboration with health fairs. Families would receive free or reduced cost immunizations and health screenings as well as free diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol tests, along with free dental screenings.