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Turkish Classes Are Starting

For Pandemic Times: COURSE (Online)

This course is the main Turkish course at Raindrop foundation at Austin, as it has a more intensified teaching and uses professional didactic material, in addition to handouts.

  • Group learning, maximum of 6 people
  • Classes take place online once or twice a week, with 2 hours of class in each meeting.
  • Each module adds up to 24 class hours.
  • 1 hour of class is 50 minutes.

  • The value of the online course:

  • The cost of the course is $240 (per module)
  • The registration fee is $10 and is paid in the registration minutes.
  • The value of the course can be paid up to 3 times, on the card or with checks, 3 installments of $80
  • For the course book and Turkish dictionary contact the Raindrop Foundation.

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