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Ebru Art Course

Imagine making a picture on water!! Then imagine making the picture disappear from the water and appear on paper!! That is exactly what you see, when you come to an Ebru class and watch the instructor, work his/her magic with paint, water, and paper.
You will learn the history behind this beautiful art form, you will also learn about the tools, the paints, and the paper, all of which have remained unchanged over the centuries.


Ebru is the art of painting on a special liquid, prepared with natural ingredients. The origin of this painting technique goes back to the 9th and 10th centuries, in Central Asia. With the persecution of the Mongols to the Turks, the technique reached the region of the Ottoman Empire (Turkey today). The Turks developed this art and added typical characteristics, so Ebru reached its peak and became recognized worldwide.

The word Ebru means to be similar to clouds, and the technique is known as Turkish marbling, an allusion to the effect of water ripples, which allows creating patterns similar to those of marble. Water, therefore, plays a fundamental role in distributing paints and creating these original patterns.


Day / Time: ….

Duration: One meeting per week with 2 hours of class. Course duration is 6 months

Term: 6 modules

Modules: There are 6 modules (duration of each module is one month)

Monthly fee: $50

Certified when completing the module