Turkish Classes

Raindrop offers beginner, intermediate and advanced level language classes

Aiding schools (including universities, community colleges, and secondary schools) in establishing Turkish language programs. The Foundation sponsors “for credit” Turkish courses at the University of Texas at Austin. The Foundation provides support to schools ranging from finding qualified instructors to furnishing schools with materials.

The Foundation aims to help establish study abroad programs in Turkey. As a benefit of its location, Turkey offers a rich history and culture to its visitors. Based on schools’ goals, the Foundation can provide assistance in accommodation, food, transportation and contact with local families, schools and other institutions.


The Foundation also welcomes field trips, where students can experience presentations about Turkey’s history and culture. Visitors will have the opportunity to taste samples from Turkish cuisine. This is an educational and fun field trip opportunity for schools.

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Turkish Classes Spring 2018

Conversational Turkish I Conversational Turkish I is an introductory course designed to develop listening, speaking, writing and reading skills while building a solid background in grammar and vocabulary. Feb 5th – Apr 30th(12 Weeks)